Лаборатория интернета вещей Сколтеха


Internet of Things Lab is a part of CDISE (Center for Computational and Data-Intensive Science and Engineering).

We are actively inviting and hiring!

  • PhD students (4 years);
  • Master students (2 years);
  • Talented research engineers and fullstack coders.

What our students do?

  • study general CDISE courses (Computer Sciences, Machine Learning, Data Sciences, Entrepreneurship);
  • study additional specialised courses;
  • contribute to active research projects leaded by IoT lab team members;
  • develop personal projects, participate in the internal Skoltech activities and meetups;
  • receive master scholarships: 40-55k rubles for a master student, 75-105k for a phd;
  • receive extra money for helping professors and internal extra activities;
  • receive extra money if participate in industrial projects.

What do we recommend to the candidates?

  • you must be motivated to join Skoltech team;
  • you should have a tech education or a proven excellency in the relevant tech field;
  • you should know English (TOEFL, IELTS or internal exam).

How to apply?

  • please visit apply.skoltech.ru and skoltech.ru for up-to-date instructions.

Our favourite hashtags

#iot, #startups, #entrepreneurship, #business, #industry, #ml, #data, #sensing, #signals, #processing, #power, #data, #wearables, #electronics, #wireless #communication, #wireless, #application, #deployment; #webdev, #webpack, #react, #redux, #flask, #django, #docker.io, #aws, #seo, #material, #nn, #ar/vr, #ethereum.

Recent projects and friends

Huawei, Intel, Rohde&Schwarz, Diginetica, NWave, Strizh, Libelium, Restream, Rostelecom, Airbus, Zifra, Russian Railways, iFarm and more.

Further information

  • About Skoltech: http://www.skoltech.ru/en
  • About CDISE: http://crei.skoltech.ru/cdise/
  • Queries regarding research interests: Dr. Dmitry Lakontsev ([email protected])
  • Formal queries regarding application process: [email protected]

Do not hesitate to:

  • visit our lab and ask us if you have any questions;
  • join our (unofficial) telegram chat, ask anything or send your CV: @iotsk;
  • mail us in case of any formal queries: Dr. Dmitry Lakontsev [email protected];
  • chat us in case of any informal questions: Evgeni Bikov t.me/evgenity.
  • Skoltech is committed to diversity and opportunity, and application materials will be considered without regard to the gender, race, or nationality of the applicant.